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Our “Customer-Engagement Engine” is designed to actively engage with customers, leveraging their positive feedback (reviews) and encouraging them to refer others, fostering customer loyalty and attracting new business.



All business is Local Business

ReviewIT Local: Giving word of mouth a digital voice

  • Reach your customers where they live; on their smart phone.
  • Gain more Prospects, Turn them into customers and generate more revenue.
  • Drastically reduce no shows, overbooking, and missed opportunities. Appointment management and scheduling made simple with our automated scheduling and appointment reminder system.

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Platform Features

ReviewIT Reviews

Make it easy for happy customers to leave reviews on websites you choose, like Google, Facebook, Yelp and more by offering them customizable review requests while segmenting happy and unhappy customers, enabling you to address many issues before they hit the web as negative review.  

Referral System

Collecting referral leads has never been easier. Invite your customers to become referral partners then contact their friends, family, and co-workers through automated follow up and nurturing. 

Effortlessly move the referral from prospect to buyer with the power of automation.

VIP / Loyalty System

Transform one time customers into repeat customers, increasing revenue. Send your VIP customers special offers, provide updates, and more with automated marketing magnets to draw them in on a regular basis. The ReviewIT Local VIP/Loyalty system allows your customers to join your own customized business VIP/Loyalty program.  

Get authentic 5-star reviews on these top review sites and more.

Our automated 5-star review generation system helps your business obtain positive reviews, giving unhappy customers a platform to voice their opinion so you, the business owner, can address the situation before they post a negative review online. At the same time, happy customers are moved along the pipeline to leave positive reviews for the world to see.

Build your online Reputation

Benefits of Online Customer Reviews

1. Free advertising and content for your business on high profile websites.

2. Improved customer trust and confidence in your business. This is particularly important for the service, food, and retail industries as it can provide an edge over competitors who do not use customer reviews.

3. Potential conversion rate increases due to improved trust and confidence.

4. Search engine rank improvement. Search engine code take into consideration the number of times a site is referenced and sites such as google give preference to sites with higher star ratings.

5. Improved credibility by allowing contrary reviews.

6. Reduction in complaints and returns as customers can see negative points about before purchasing.

7. The ability to highlight areas for improvement.

Upgrade Your Brand with referral partners

Word of mouth is the oldest form of advertising. Use this proven method to generate more business every day.

Starting Your Own Referral Program

Due to the pandemic, many businesses have been pressured to make the shift to ecommerce and experiment with various digital marketing strategies, but referral programs should definitely be on the list. A referral program can simultaneously help brands acquire new customers, boost retention and gain popularity.

1. Word-of-mouth influences every step of the consumer’s journey

Customers are the best marketers and promoters of your product. Naturally, they have actual experience with using your product so they are perceived as more trustworthy. Referrals is the only marketing strategy that consistently ranks within the top three consumer influencers in every stage.

2. Word-of-mouth remains the most relevant touch point in sales

Before customers buy a product, they seek feedback from their network to determine whether the purchase is worth it. 

A referral can happen organically through in-person conversations or a social media post raving about your brand — but it can’t always get things done. Incentivizing customers with referral program rewards (i.e. discounts, promos, exclusive products) will motivate them to refer more people within their network.

3. Word-of-mouth improves customer retention

Consumers who genuinely love your brand will recommend it to their friends — 81% of people trust recommendations from friends or family over those from businesses — but this will take considerable time and effort. However, one customer that is well taken care of could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising.

Take for instance Airbnb’s referral program which led to a 900% year-on-year growth for first-time bookings. The company found that signups and bookings also skyrocketed by 300%!

4. Referred customers are more valuable

Referred customers have a positive perception of your brand because it was promoted by their peers. As a result, customers acquired through word-of-mouth spend 200% more, and make twice as many referrals. 

These numbers show that they are more likely to spend more and become loyal customers. They know how the referral process works, so they bring in twice as many customers through word-of-mouth.

Consider Dollar Shave Club  Their tiered referral program had several milestones such as free shaving cream (referring 5 friends), free premium razor (25 friends), and free shaving for a year (50 friends).

They were able to generate astounding results because referred friends also referred people within their network.

5. A referral program is a cost-effective strategy

Sure, you can launch social media ads and email campaigns, but they’re not always effective. In contrast, running a referral program is a cost-effective way to get more customers at low costs. Review42 reports that referral leads have a 30% higher conversion rate, and also account for 65% of companies’ new deals.

Despite a $0 marketing budget, Tesla CEO Elon Musk estimates that its former referral program saved the company an astounding $2,000 per transaction.

Even if you’re a one-person business you can utilize referral marketing.
While it works great for big companies, it’s just as valuable to smaller ones.

6. Referral programs lead to more user-generated content

What makes your brand special? Why should people patronize your products?

A referral program encourages brand advocates to share your brand’s story. Some influencers may even be compelled to promote your brand on YouTube and Instagram to snag your referral rewards.

Every customer has a the ability to potentially impact thousands of prospective leads through social media, video sites, and more. This means more publicity and conversions for your brand while reducing your cost per conversion.


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Every business is local business

Why we do what we do.

Local business is the backbone of our economy. Every business that serves local customers/clients is a local business and relies on word of mouth marketing for it’s livelihood.

Years of experience in sales, management, and marketing revealed the need for a better way to generate and follow up with prospects/leads. Coupling that expereince with an Information Technologies background, ReviewIT local was born to help local business grow and succeed through the use of online review sites and automation technology. 

We are a local business serving local businesses. We are here for you..

No Contracts – Cancel Anytime!
as low as $297/mo. *

(+ the cost of sms messages)*